The Parent Teacher Association is a mainstay of schools around the world. Good PTAs offer an avenue for parents to support the school community they are a part of, and participation is often a fun and social activity that they are more than willing to fit into their schedules.

Containing so much potential for enthusiastic and positive action, we know the value that PTAs can bring, and believe that schools should be doing everything they can to promote and shout about their PTA.

In this article, we explore some of the most important reasons why your school should be taking advantage of this prestigious tradition, and how best to do it.

PTA’s Just Want to Be Appreciated

One reason parents are likely to put effort into their PTA is the feeling that they’ve done their part to help out. To encourage further participation, your school should be fostering this feeling whenever you get the opportunity. A great way of doing this is by using your communications channels to share the work and achievements of the PTA.

By sharing on social media and the school website, you’re letting them know that you appreciate their work and deem it to be important enough to feature. As an added bonus, you are also letting a wider audience know about the strength of your school community and about positive developments at the school.

Last year, we helped promote the fantastic work of Bowerhill Primary School PTA, who organised a number of fun events and fundraisers to keep the school community thriving despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Strengthen your PTA, Grow Your Network

By growing your schools PTA, and strengthening your relationship with the parents who participate, you also get access to a network of potential support and benefactors.

For example, we helped The White Horse Federation run a drive to collect home learning devices (laptops, tablets) to share with pupils struggling for access. Thanks to connections with parents, we also received significant donations from organisations such as Amazon and The British Computer Society, as well as from direct parent donations.

Generate Additional Positive Press for your School

Every time your school or trust gets in the local press for something positive, you improve your school’s reputation and reduce the impact of any potential future bad news.

While there are always stories to talk about that can be shared with your school community, it can be more difficult to find content that would be shareable with your local paper as of interest to the wider community.

As an organisation that operates independently of the school’s leadership, the activities of the PTA are often a great way of getting your school in the press.

We make sure to keep frequent contact and maintain strong relationships with our clients PTAs, helping us gather additional good news stories and put together positive press releases for local journalists.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Parent Teacher Associations have a lot to offer school communications, and communications can go a long way to boost a PTA.

At Eduprise, we believe that generating parental engagement is one of the most beneficial outcomes of good communications, and active parent organisations are a fantastic example of this in action.

Is your school’s PTA feeling neglected? Talk to Eduprise, and we’ll give them the coverage, and appreciation they deserve.