Start the New School Year Right with a Content Marketing Strategy

Without a content marketing strategy, your school is at a significant disadvantage.

The start of a new school year is an exciting, nervous time. Classroom displays are updated, teachers are raring to go with freshly planned lessons, and - if you’re lucky - shelves are lined with pristine new supplies.

But for all that preparation, how much planning has your school done on its communications strategy?

If you answered “none”, your school is not alone.

Have you ever felt that your school is doing terrific work, but - for one reason or another - that work is going unseen, and unappreciated, by the outside world?

It could be a capacity issue, but more often than not the reason is a lack of strategic planning when it comes to ongoing school communications.

Effectively sharing triumphs and promoting unique qualities to current and future parents, staff, and the wider community is what separates good schools and outstanding schools.

Without a proper content marketing strategy, your school is leaving admissions funding on the table, failing to recruit the best staff, and wasting opportunities to build and maintain its standing in the community.

Make Better School Marketing Decisions

Like so many UK schools, you could be investing time and money into ineffective marketing methods that end up reaching the wrong audience.

At Eduprise, we helped one school who spent £250 on 1,000 admissions leaflets use their marketing budget on more effective strategies. For the same cost, the school reached a targeted audience of 7,000 people and generated hundreds of admissions enquiries.

Speak to us today about making your marketing budget go much further.

Supercharge School Communications with Expertly Written Content

Regularly publishing content designed to showcase your school to prospective parents, potential staff, and the wider community is the best way to achieve your key strategic objectives.

But it’s not always possible to find the capacity in-school to routinely produce engaging, relevant content across your website, on social media channels, and in the media.

Ask yourself: do you know what your school is going to post about next March?

If you don’t have the answer, it’s because you haven’t prepared a content marketing strategy that will help your school achieve its ambitions for admissions, recruitment, and development.

At Eduprise, we provide schools with 12 months of professionally written content designed to showcase the quality of their school. These targeted communications:

  • Boost admissions.
  • Raise the standard of recruitment.
  • Support income generation.
  • Build and maintain the school’s wider reputation.

By preparing and scheduling this content in advance, we ensure your school is a regular, effective communicator - even if you don’t find the time to contribute a single piece that year.

Plus, we handle ad hoc communications for awards, events, and other good news opportunities that arise unexpectedly throughout the year.

Make sure this school year is a complete success with a professionally prepared content marketing strategy that takes your marketing budget further and improves admissions, recruitment, and your community standing. Don’t wait - contact the Eduprise team today.

Published by
Ben Tyrer

Head of Communications

Designing scalable communications infrastructure for multi-academy trusts.

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