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Grant Writing & Fundraising Proposals

We’ll help you investigate avenues of additional income, such as grants and government funding, and even assist you directly in the application and grant writing process.

Eduprise works in close partnership with Pebble, income generation specialists who have worked in school finance for more than 25 years, raising thousands in support of school development and improvement projects.

Community Fundraising Platform

Fundraising initiatives, charity events, and even grant applications are far more likely to be successful with the backing of an engaged community.

We’ll provide your organisation with a bespoke community site for your website, including integration with social media, a donations utility, a platform for letting out facilities, and positive news stories updating followers on fundraising initiatives.

Parental Engagement

Parent involvement in their child’s education has a significant impact on their child’s development. Motivating parents to actively participate in their child’s education, or any other extended learning programmes you are running, is an impactful way schools can improve educational outcomes. Additionally, increased parental involvement is also an important factor in the success of any fundraising campaigns your organisation undertakes.

At Eduprise, we’ll produce tailored campaigns that drive parietal engagement and strengthen the results of your delivery of education.

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