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Online Learning Platform

During the coronavirus school closures period, we implemented a home learning resources platform for a MAT of over 30 schools through their school websites. This successfully provided the delivery of daily learning resources for every pupil on a user-friendly webpage.

This gave relief to teaching staff from the additional burden of creating resources and the trust now benefits from a robust closed education platform for future provision of online learning.

If you’re looking for a way to provide online learning for your students without overburdening your staff, look no further.

Training & Support for Online Learning

We’ll train your staff and leaders to ensure they have the skills to provide online learning resources for children at home. This includes workshops on producing videos from home, how to structure learning materials for online use, website management, and other skills required for efficiently delivering remote learning provision. In addition, we make our team of experts available to offer any additional assistance your organisation needs to excel.

Sharing of Best Practice

As a part of the online learning service, we’ll provide the software and support to create a database of online and in-class teaching resources that can be easily and securely shared by teachers and staff.

This will help your staff template online learning resources, and will also help reduce workload by giving teachers a simple way to share best practice.

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