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Integrated Digital Marketing

We’ll provide your organisation with a platform to enable you to carry out integrated digital marketing campaigns that utilise your website, email, and multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

Integrated digital marketing will simplify your organisation's communications procedure and help you reach a far broader audience with each communication campaign. When it comes to goals such as increasing admissions or attracting better teaching candidates, integrated digital marketing gives your organisation an edge over local competitors.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Alongside staff recruitment, increasing admissions is of primary importance to any educational organisation. As a result, nurseries, schools, and colleges often spend significant sums on advertising via local publications, billboards, or radio. At Eduprise, we specialise in running social media marketing campaigns that reach far higher audience numbers than traditional modes of advertising, and which can be specifically modified to target parents in your local area.

Video and Virtual Open Day Support

We work with filmmakers experienced in the world of education to produce impactful school tour videos and content that will make your website stand out from the rest.

In the run-up to admissions deadlines, we also plan and arrange live virtual open evenings that help your organisation reach a broader audience of potential applicants.

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