Every school business manager understands the importance of filling school places and the financial benefits of doing so. That’s why so many schools spend big on marketing to push up their admissions numbers.

At Eduprise, we have considerable experience producing successful admissions marketing campaigns for schools.

If you want to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to marketing your school to prospective parents, read our tips below.

Do: Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Whether your school is flying high, or struggling for numbers, it’s never too difficult to find positive qualities to set it apart from the competition. Every school has positive news to share about the important activities taking place every day but how often do you share this with the outside world?

Successful marketing is about finding and clearly communicating what those qualities are.

Do: Always Provide a Call to Action

With any marketing, you only have the attention of your audience for a short period. Therefore, you need to make the most out of this time and ensure your audience is taking immediate action .

At Eduprise, we favour paid social media marketing, in part, because you can include a direct link to school admissions pages as a direct link. This way, you can get interested parents halfway towards submitting an application in just one click.

Do: Have a Plan

School admissions marketing should fit into a year-round communications plan for your school. A last minute marketing drive is going to be far less effective if it hasn’t been backed up by engagement generating communications throughout the year.

Without a plan, your year round marketing will be incoherent and ineffective so make it count.

Don’t: Leave it Until it’s Too Late

Parents don’t tend to leave it to the last minute to start looking l towards their child’s next step in education. Additionally, competitive schools will work hard to attract parents as early as possible. Because the admissions process is relatively involved, getting parents on board early gives your school an advantage.

Your school’s marketing should therefore be an ongoing process from year to year, not a last minute series of advertisements when the admissions deadline is looming.

Don’t: Waste Money on Outdated Marketing Methods

Has your school put out newspaper or radio advertisements in the run up to an admissions day? By doing so, your school is likely reaching a far smaller audience at a high cost.

With the vast majority of parents and older students using social media far more than they read local newspapers or listen to local radio, we strongly recommend the use of paid social media advertising. In this recent blog post, we showed how for a far lower cost, you can reach a higher number of interested audience members.

Do: Talk to Us at Eduprise

At Eduprise, we specialise in developing ongoing communications plans and admissions marketing support to give you the best possible chance of increased admissions numbers. Get in touch with us today.