Every school wants to fill their vacancies with the best staff, which leads to a competitive marketplace. An effective teacher recruitment plan is a must for your school as you search to build an exceptional teaching team. If you are struggling to attract suitable candidates, adopt these teacher recruitment strategies.

Strategy #1 — Post Teacher Recruitment Ads on Many Channels

The internet has become one of the most important teacher recruitment tools. It gives schools access to candidates around the world. To reach as many of them as possible, you must use a variety of recruitment channels, such as:

Specialist Education Recruitment Sites

Websites such as Tes and eTeach have proven to be well-liked by teachers searching for jobs.

Big-name Job Sites

Although not education-specific, candidates will also look for jobs on generic, big-name sites. Reed, Indeed, and Monster are some of the biggest.

Local Authority Websites

Candidates who want to work in a specific area may head directly to the local authority. Listing your adverts with the local authority is a key teacher recruitment strategy.

The Government Website

More than 2,200 teaching and education jobs are listed on the government website. This makes it one of the largest resources for teacher vacancies in the UK.

The Guardian Newspaper Website

With more than 4,000 school job listings, the Guardian job section is a huge resource. It covers both teaching and support roles at primary and secondary schools.

Widespread coverage is a must for your teacher recruitment campaign. If you would like expert help posting your job adverts across multiple channels, contact Eduprise today.

Strategy #2 — Make Your Website a Hub of Information

Your school’s website should be at the centre of your teacher recruitment plan. It is the online home of your school and should be a hub of information.

The first place candidates will go after seeing your job advert is your website. They will be searching for information about your school: its values, methods, and curriculum. This is a crucial stage in the teacher recruitment process, when candidates will decide whether to apply.

This may be your only chance to seal the deal, so make it count. Ensure the information on your website is clear, positive, and easy to find. Signpost users to pages that exhibit why your school is special and unique. Also consider creating an online teacher recruitment brochure or flyer to collate the most important details.

The Eduprise team can help transform your website into a fantastic advert for your school. Want to know more? Contact us today.

Strategy #3 — Frequently Distribute Relevant Communications

A successful teacher recruitment campaign requires more than just online advertising. It takes a portfolio of communications to achieve the best results. Frequent, relevant, and up-to-date comms are essential to attracting the right candidates. But what does this entail?

First, consider the information that candidates will want to know and the questions they will ask. For example, “what benefits do staff at your school receive?” Highlighting staff benefits in communications to candidates is an immediate win for your school. It demonstrates a school where staff are valued; something that every teacher craves. The working environment should also be a major selling point. Your teacher recruitment communications should showcase your school’s vibrant and modern approach. These are just two examples of the details that should be the basis of your communications.

To the communications themselves. Make use of both digital and physical materials. A comprehensive teacher recruitment brochure is ideal for giving to candidates at events. It affords them everything they need to know about the school in one useful resource. For more regular contact with candidates, distribute frequent teacher recruitment emails. The emails should promote the school by drawing attention to features such as staff benefits and the working environment. Then, finish the email with a link to your online application facility, or details on how to apply.

Getting these communications right is vital. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, get in touch with the Eduprise team.

Strategy #4 — Develop Your Teacher Retention Strategy

Teacher recruitment and retention strategies go hand in hand. Having a great teacher recruitment plan is only a short-term solution if your teacher retention plan is ineffective. This means developing an effective retention strategy is also a teacher recruitment strategy.

One reason often cited by teachers for leaving a role, or indeed the profession, is a lack of support. For many, the offer of support is an important first step. The key to this is internal communication.

Internal communication is itself a teacher retention strategy. Keeping staff informed and up to date makes them feel valued. It also fosters a family environment where everyone is working toward a common goal. The feeling of togetherness is a great teacher retention incentive.

Retaining the best staff is what makes turns a good school into an outstanding one. There are many teacher retention strategies, enough to fill a blog in itself. But, if you want more teacher retention ideas, contact the Eduprise team today.

Make Your Recruitment Campaign Top of the Class

When faced with the many teacher recruitment challenges, you need experienced heads. At Eduprise, we excel at creating school recruitment campaigns that attract the most talented candidates. Our team uses the best school marketing strategies to give schools a real competitive advantage.

To boost your school’s teacher recruitment plan, contact the Eduprise team today and request a free recruitment strategy template.