As part of their academisation drive, the government has announced the return of the Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF). The deadlines for the next round of applications is looming. We’ve taken a look at the fund and how it can be used to grow admissions.

What is the Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)?

The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) is a competitive grant fund available to trusts across England to help them grow. The aim of the fund is to improve and deliver the best possible education for students. Grants available range from £50,000 to £750,000.

Who is eligible?

Trusts planning growth projects in 2023-25 are eligible to apply for a grant under the scheme. It is designed to provide trusts the capacity to take on further schools and help them drive improvements.

The grant can be used for several types of growth projects. These include establishing new processes and specialist advice to build permanent capacity for growth. A full list of eligible projects can be found here.

Why use TCaF for admissions growth?

TCaF crucially supports admission growth, a key to Trust development.

Firstly, individual schools managing their own admissions and marketing might face risks due to lacking skills and resources, often leading to ineffective, last-minute campaigns.

Secondly, trusts often don’t have the resources or expertise for effective marketing strategies across schools.

Moreover, a dynamic marketing strategy is essential for trust growth, aligning all marketing activities and fostering healthy admissions.

Additionally, this strategy allows schools to keep their unique identities while benefiting from the trust’s brand. Thankfully, TCaF funding can secure the necessary expertise.

Hiring external experts gives your trust access to seasoned professionals who not only set up a comprehensive framework but also provide monitoring tools and reduce administrative tasks.

How does Eduprise assist?

To reach new parents and students, prioritise social media and digital marketing. Our 20-year expertise in education marketing positions us perfectly to expand your reach. We pinpoint prospective parents in your area, ensuring direct communication.

Moreover, our software, Arro, streamlines admissions enquiries. It allows tracking of the admissions process and school performance via a central dashboard.

The best part? The government’s Trust Capacity Fund can cover these services!

Want to hear about how we’ve helped another trust with admissions? Read here about our work with The White Horse Federation, and how we were able to generate enough admissions to open a new secondary school.

How to apply for TCaF funding?

Applications can be made between 1st April 2023 and 30th September 2024. To apply, you will need to fill out an application form.

If you need help with the application, or want to talk further about how we can help, please get in touch.