Every school in the UK is obligated to provide access to a wide range of information. Making this available on your school’s website, and keeping it regularly updated year-by-year can be a daunting task. Even if you think that your house is fully in order, there’s a good chance your school website could be missing some crucial information.

When the Ofsted inspectors come around, making sure that your school is compliant can have a huge impact on your final assessment.

In this article, we explain how we help our clients stay on top of this unenviable task.

Organising your School Website

Whenever we help schools update their website, our primary goal is to provide a well-structured, designed, and branded site that is as user-friendly as possible for parents and which gives the school an advantage in terms of admissions and recruitment. Our other top priority is making sure that all aspects of compliance are fulfilled in their new website.

To guarantee this, we carry out a full audit of the school’s existing site to determine which gaps need filling and what needs updating. We then forward the list of outstanding documents to the school and work with school staff personally to assist them in getting the new website up-to-date.

By doing so, we turn a complex organisation challenge into a simple checklist to tick off for your school. Additionally, by organising the website so that there is a logical location for every necessary document, we make it far more simple for the school to keep up-to-date going forward.

If you find it hard to keep on top of your school’s website, get in touch today.

Demonstrate Vision and Values to Ofsted

For your school website to have a significant impact on Ofsted assessors, you need to do more than just achieve compliance.

That’s why, at Eduprise, we provide schools with a full calendar of website school news page content that demonstrates the school’s commitment to supporting various initiatives, national days, and educational landmarks throughout the year.

For example, this will include content covering important dates such as Remembrance Day, Dyslexia Awareness Week, or School Library Month as well as content covering more operational goals such as reminders for admissions deadlines or the beginning of exam periods.

This content allows schools to demonstrate to website visitors, including ofsted inspectors, the work and values the school does and represents, without requiring them to write a new bespoke blog each week.

By keeping the school websites of our clients regularly updated with positive content, we give them an advantage when it comes to winning over not only members of the local community and prospective parents, but also the inspectors whose judgements can be so pivotal for any school.

At Eduprise, we offer competitive options for schools looking to redesign their websites, get their documentation in order, or start producing content that demonstrates the positive work they carry out every day.

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