Marketing is a cornerstone of any successful business. Without it, leads aren’t generated, sales don’t close, income plummets, and companies go bust. As more and more schools start to operate like businesses, the importance of marketing is increasing for those who want to be outstanding.

If your school does not market itself better than its competitors, it will soon experience the negative effects. Symptoms include low admissions numbers, reduced government funding, and a poor reputation.

Taking lead from business marketing methods can provide a real boost for your school. Here, we identify three ways that marketing for schools is like marketing for businesses.

#1 — Prepare in Advance with a Marketing Strategy and Plan

If your head of marketing is not practised in the art of marketing, they won’t know what the path to success looks like. Placing an apprentice to lead your marketing activities without the support of an experienced marketing manager is a surefire way to become frustrated by a lack of results.

Strategy and planning is complex. Being successful requires a lot of forethought and preparation to ensure your approach is right for your intended audience. This comes from experience.

Businesses with the most effective methods have well-researched and comprehensive marketing plans. They use their brightest minds to develop plans that use the company’s aims and identify their value with the target audience. This approach allows them to determine which channels to use and what messages to send. For your school, the importance of a marketing plan is no different.

The school year has a cyclical nature. This provides the basis for school marketing strategies. For example, you should post messaging designed to attract new staff in the build up to and during the teacher transfer windows. Equally, you should escalate marketing intended to drive admissions in the lead up to the application deadline.

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#2 — Use Social Media to Connect with Your Audience

If you want an audience quickly, go to where people gather. In recent years, social media marketing has become essential for schools and businesses.

Establishing a following on social media invigorates your online presence. It gives you a channel of communication with your audience, increases brand awareness, and generates leads.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the biggest online marketplaces. This makes them the ideal channels for your school’s digital marketing activities.The statistics support this strategy. 2018 research showed that UK mothers spent, on average, 2 hours and 12 minutes using social media every day. The findings also revealed that 89% of UK mothers have a Facebook profile.

For schools, this shows social media marketing to be an unmissable opportunity to connect with mothers, your primary audience.

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#3 — Focus on Building Your Reputation

A strong reputation is a huge competitive advantage for any business or school. Building such a reputation takes time and should be at the heart of your school marketing plan.

Showcasing news stories that demonstrate your school’s values while still appealing to your audience can be powerful when building a reputation. Keep the audience message associated with these news stories simple. The world’s strongest brands think long and hard about using the ‘right’ words in their brand-building stories.

Focusing school marketing strategies on improving your reputation can help you become the school of choice in the area. The potential impact? Increased pupil admissions, improved attendance at school events, and better applicants for jobs.

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Make Marketing a Top Priority

One of the clearest ways in which marketing for schools is like marketing for businesses is this: it is crucial! Too often, school marketing activities are put on hold, and school marketing strategies are ignored.

There is no excuse for relegating marketing to the back of your mind. Doing so can offer short-term relief. But, without a school marketing plan or clear school marketing strategies, you risk long-term damage.

If you need school marketing ideas or advice on marketing for schools, contact Eduprise today.