Why Your School Should Be Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to promote your school in the modern world.

The activity of marketing encompasses a whole host of mediums: radio segments, billboards, magazine adverts, social media content, websites, sandwich boards ... the list goes on.

Each of these mediums is best suited to different ends; a TV advert is unlikely to be a cost-effective way to advertise places at a secondary school, for example.

Financial demands mean that it’s important for schools to make well-informed choices when it comes to promotion. In this article, we explain why schools should focus on digital marketing.

Your Audience Is Online

Almost everyone in the UK uses the internet regularly. Research published by the Office for National Statistics shows that, in 2019, 99% of adults between 16 and 44 regularly used the internet.

While this is a fairly broad statistic, it nonetheless demonstrates that online is the realm where your audience can most consistently be found.

Furthermore, a majority of internet usage occurs on a limited range of websites. For example, 68% of the UK population uses the internet for social media purposes and more than 85% regularly uses email. Consequently, any online marketing campaign can reach a huge proportion of an intended audience with advertisements on only a few channels.

Its Impact Can Be Measured

Another significant benefit of online marketing is the ability to measure its impact and cost effectiveness. For many of the most popular channels — such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google — analysis tools are already built into the software.

Using these tools, at Eduprise, we are able to produce impact reports for every single campaign we publish. This means, for example, when we launch a social media campaign linking to a school’s admissions page, we can see precisely how many times the link was clicked for each individual post.

Over the years, this has allowed us to quickly identify communications and marketing tactics that have worked, and those which were less effective. It also allows our clients to review the value of our service from campaign to campaign.

If this level of oversight on your school’s admissions marketing sounds appealing, get in contact today.

The Potential Reach Is Unparalleled

At Eduprise, we are sometimes asked to design leaflets and posters for schools. For these campaigns, the printing costs alone can be significant. For example, a recent campaign required 200 A5 leaflets to be printed. Even before any design, distribution, or copywriting work was accounted for, the printing cost of £107 made this an expensive project.

In comparison, for another recent campaign, we decided to run a paid social media campaign. For a cost of £99, we reached more than 50,000 Facebook and Twitter users within the school’s catchment area.

While the first campaign involved a physical item being produced, it is unlikely to have secured a reach of anything close to 50,000 people.

To find out how Eduprise can help your school reach huge audiences with expertly designed paid social media campaigns, get in touch today.

Direct Visitors to Your Website

Schools are obligated to provide certain information to parents and carers. In the vast majority of cases, this duty is fulfilled through their school website.

Many parents will habitually check the website of their child’s school, and it is also likely to be the primary source of information for those researching a new school for their child.

The importance of the school website also means that the call to action of any school marketing piece — be it focused on admissions, recruitment, reputation building, or otherwise — is likely to ask the audience to follow a link to the school website.

Consequently, digital marketing, wherein the reader can be simply prompted to click a link and gain immediate access, is far more effective than any physical media, which requires the reader to search for and access the school website of their own accord at a later time.

In other words, digital marketing minimises the number of steps between a viewer seeing the advert and taking the desired action — in this case, visiting the school website.

Every time we produce a communication promoting a story at a school, it is published on the school news section of the school’s website and promoted on their social media channels and via an email sent directly to parents and the school community. By working across multiple channels, we are both directly bringing people to the school website and also further enhancing the positive image of the school presented by the website itself.

If you’re interested in using digital marketing to get the most out of your school website, let us know.

Our Offer at Eduprise

In this blog, we have shown that digital marketing is particularly well suited to the needs of schools. At Eduprise, we have developed our offering around this fact. Alongside having expertise in traditional marketing proficiencies, such as copywriting and design, our team is also trained in a range of digital marketing techniques, including: SEO, content management systems, social media management, email marketing, GDPR, and paid social media campaigns, to name a few.

Additionally, we have also developed a custom-made content management and delivery platform that streamlines the marketing process for us and can also be accessed by our clients.

Our expertise in modern digital marketing can help your school boost admissions, improve recruitment, and significantly raise the reputation of your school. For school marketing that actually makes a difference, contact us today.

Published by
Adam Barker-Wyatt

Producing content and communications on behalf of schools and multi-academy trusts.

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