What Digital Marketing Looks Like for Schools

What is digital marketing and what does it do for your school? Why is it something you should be interested in when as someone who is interested in improving your school?

In this blog post, we explain the steps to take to establish a digital presence for your school and how using multiple digital channels together works to more effectively bring information to parents and widen awareness of the school?

Creating a Platform

The first stage of building a digital marketing platform for your school is to establish which different channels are needed, and how each will be used. Once this has been decided, you then need to build your school’s presence on each channel.

This will involve:

  • Collecting or auditing your list of parents emails and setting up software to be able to tag different groups within the list.
  • Building social media accounts that use consistent visual branding and copy.
  • Establishing a system of account ownership in order to keep your social media accounts secure without risking losing your passwords.

Now that you’ve built a platform, how should you be using it to generate positive outcomes for your school?

Using Your Digital Marketing Platform: What is Integrated Content?

Have you ever considered how different channels of communication interact with each other? Each channel has different strengths and weaknesses. By using them together, the strengths of one channel can overcome the weaknesses of the other.

For example, the school website is a very good place to communicate detailed and important information, and to include longer, more in depth stories relevant to your school community. However, with a website alone, it is difficult to attract an audience unless they are visiting the website for a certain piece of information. Social media, while inappropriate for detailed information, is excellent at drawing the attention of a broader audience. Accordingly, social media can be used to draw visitors to the more detailed content on your website.

In other cases, for example where it is important that a message reaches as many parents as possible, it can be beneficial to use a range of channels to make sure everyone is picked up. For example, it can be easy to overlook one email, but if you are reminded about it again by a post on your Facebook feed, you would be far more likely to go back and check that email again.

Why Does Integrated Digital Marketing Work for Your School?

When your school is able to communicate simultaneously on a range of differing channels, it will be far better equipped to reach a broader audience and to generate engagement than if it uses traditional communications channels. As a consequence, integrated digital marketing can reduce the need to produce costly physical communications.

By reaching your audience directly and providing links to your school website, integrated digital marketing makes it easy for members of your school community to become more engaged with your school. A parent who follows your school on facebook might find out about an initiative the school is taking part in, or be reminded of an action they have to take while browsing their phone during their lunch break.

At Eduprise, we help schools build integrated digital marketing capacity so that they can simplify their communications and reap the rewards of an engaged school community. If you’d like this to happen for your school, get in touch today.

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