Turn Interest into Applications with Successful Open Day Events

Open days are a great opportunity to drive admissions; make sure they're a success.

This is it — your school’s best opportunity to convince parents and pupils that your school is the right choice for them.

Make sure it’s a success.

Open days are your school’s chance to showcase your excellent learning environment and the fantastic work you do. Now is the time to demonstrate the things that make your school special – especially those things no one outside of the school knows about.

We understand that frustration. It’s something schools all across the country feel. But your open days can change that.

Effectively demonstrating your school’s unique qualities during open days will improve your reputation and turn interested parents and pupils into applicants.

Yet, that’s the easy bit. What’s really difficult is getting people through the door.

If you’ve spent more time planning your open days than promoting them, you are at risk of hosting a series of fantastic events that no one attends.

Maximise Attendance with Targeted Advertising

Think back to last year’s open days and ask yourself: “did our adverts result in more people attending?”

No matter if you answered “yes”, “no”, or “I don’t know”, we have another question for you: how do you know?

The chances are, your school used traditional media channels to promote your open days, such as radio or television adverts. The problem with these advertising methods is it’s impossible to judge return on investment or target specific demographics.

If you don’t know who your adverts are reaching, or if they actually improved attendance at your events, you could very easily be wasting your school’s already limited budget.

The only way to make sure your adverts reach the people who are most likely to attend your open days, and that your money isn’t going to waste, is targeted advertising.

Using information including age, location, and interests, our marketing specialists will promote your event directly to parents who are looking at secondary schools for their children.

Get in touch with the Eduprise team today to discuss how targeted advertising will improve attendance at your open days.

Stay in View of Parents by Showcasing Your School All Year Round

Encouraging attendance at events such as open days shouldn’t be this hard, right? It is up to you to make it easier.

Your school must earn this level of reliable, loyal engagement from parents and stakeholders.

Education is an extremely competitive market. If you aren’t communicating regularly with those interested in your school, you will fall behind. The result?

An uninterested community and a lack of applications because parents and children have been drawn elsewhere.

At Eduprise, we provide schools with a complete portfolio of strategic communications that are designed to increase engagement with their audience. These communications:

  • Enhance your school’s reputation.
  • Increase applications for places.
  • Support income generation.
  • Improve the standard of applicants for vacancies.

By maintaining consistent messaging and regular communication with your most important audiences, you remain at the forefront of their minds.

So, when it comes to application periods, your school is the first thought of parents with children in year 6, and their attendance at one of your open days is almost guaranteed.

Make sure your open days are well-attended and act as real drivers for applications with a targeted marketing campaign and year-round communications that support your school’s key strategic objectives. Open day season is just around the corner, so contact the Eduprise team today.

Published by
Dan Grey

Writing content and communications for schools and multi-academy trusts.

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