Turn Interest into Applications with Successful Open Day Events

Open days are a great opportunity to drive admissions; make sure they're a success.

This is it; your best opportunity to convince parents and pupils that your school is the right choice for them.

Open days are your school’s chance to showcase your excellent learning environment and the fantastic work you do. It’s your chance to demonstrate the things that make your school special – especially those things no one outside of the school knows about.

Effectively demonstrating your school’s unique qualities during open days will improve your reputation and turn interested parents and pupils into applicants.

But that’s the easy bit. The challenge is getting the right people through the door.

If you’ve spent more time planning your open days than promoting them, you are at risk of hosting a series of fantastic events that no one attends. Our team here at Eduprise has a wealth of experience in promoting Open Day events for our schools to make sure they are a success, and in our latest blog, we explore how we do this, time and time again.

Maximise Attendance At Your Event with Targeted Advertising

Think back to last year’s Open Days and ask yourself: “Did our adverts result in more people attending?”

Whether the answer is “Yes”, “No”, or “I’m not sure”, ask yourself: “How do we know?”

The chances are, your school used traditional media channels to promote your Open Days, such as radio or local newspaper adverts. The problem with these advertising methods is it’s impossible to judge return on investment or target specific demographics.

If you don’t know who your adverts are reaching, or if they actually improved attendance at your events, you could very easily be wasting your school’s already limited budget.

The only way to make sure your adverts reach the people who are most likely to attend your open days, and that your money isn’t going to waste, is targeted advertising.

Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, enable you to use information including age, location, and interests, to target your marketing material directly toward parents in your local area looking for a school place. At Eduprise, we help schools to use these tools effectively, to make sure you’re always sending the right message to your perfect audience.

Get in touch with the Eduprise team today to discuss how targeted advertising can improve attendance at your Open Days.

Think Outside the Box and Embrace Newer Channels

The past two years have seen schools across the country shift toward digital channels as a means of communicating and learning. And in today’s digital era, your marketing strategies should be no different.

Your Open Day events are a great opportunity to embrace digital channels. In fact, holding virtual events can increase your chances of success, and have numerous benefits.

For instance, a busy parent may find it much easier to find the time to join a virtual event, such as Crowdcasts, without having to worry about the logistics of travel and timings. It can also minimise the workloads for your teachers, and can be more cost effective than the traditional in-person Open Days.

The trick is making sure you’re able to replicate the information sharing process in a virtual setting. Think about how you’re going to showcase your school’s wonderful learning environment and the incredible work you do remotely?

We have plenty of experience putting together successful virtual events for our schools, and can advise you on how to make sure your event runs smoothly. Get in touch with the team today.

Stay in View of Parents by Showcasing Your School All Year Round

Encouraging attendance at Open Days is about more than just advertising in the run up. Education is becoming more and more competitive, as birth rates decline and school admissions become more coveted.

The chances are, if parents haven't heard of your school, or if they have no outside information to form an opinion of your school, they're much less likely to attend. Prospective parents aren't likely to be interested in anything your advertising has to say, and will be drawn in elsewhere.

Your school needs to earn a good reputation by reliably engaging with your local community and stakeholders.

At Eduprise, we provide schools with a complete portfolio of strategic communications that are designed to increase engagement with their audience. These communications:

  • Enhance your school’s reputation.

  • Increase applications for places.

  • Support income generation.

  • Improve the standard of applicants for vacancies.

By maintaining consistent messaging and regular communication with your most important audiences, you remain at the forefront of their minds.

So, when it comes to application periods, your school is the first thought of perspective parents, and their attendance at one of your open days is almost guaranteed.

Make sure your open days are well-attended and act as real drivers for applications with a targeted marketing campaign and year-round communications that support your school’s key strategic objectives. Open day season is just around the corner, so contact the Eduprise team today.

Published by
Heather Cooper

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