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Trust Capacity Fund 2020: Secure Funding for Your Trust with Eduprise

Put your multi-academy trust in position to grow by working with Eduprise to secure financial support from the Trust Capacity Fund 2020.

On 9th March, the government published its full guidelines regarding the Trust Capacity Fund 2020-2021. Since 2019, millions of pounds worth of funding has been made available to support the growth of existing trusts, and to encourage the creation of new, strong multi-academy trusts (MATs) in rural areas.

Through this programme, your trust could receive hundreds of thousands of pounds to stimulate your growth. Access to a grant depends on a successful application in which a viable project is put forward, and in this article, we’ll introduce a proposal that will help your trust expand and secure funding.

Where We Come In

Putting together a competitive application requires trusts to have a well-researched, practicable, and impactful project, as well as the expertise to present this effectively.

At Eduprise, we can help trusts put together a robust application built upon a viable and provably impactful project.

The importance of marketing and communications is well understood in the world of education. For MATs that are looking to grow, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining high-quality communications across an increasing number of schools.

Through our experience of working with expanding trusts, we are able to implement centrally run, efficient communications infrastructures at MATs with the ambition to grow. With this infrastructure, a trust is better equipped to take on new schools or merge with smaller trusts.

Successful Trust Capacity Fund applications centre upon projects that strengthen trusts and enable them to grow. A proposal to build an improved communications infrastructure at your trust will meet the criteria and give you a great chance of securing funding.

The Application Period Open Soon — Don’t Miss Out

The first application period began on 6th April and runs until 31st July.

There are multiple strands of eligibility to secure funding from the Trust Capacity Fund, running from A1 through to D. In the blog posts below, we explain how we can help your trust secure funding with an application targeting three of these strands:

If you want to know more about how we can help you write a successful application, propose a viable project, and secure government funding, get in touch today.

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