The Problem with Delegating Communications to Your Schools

If you’re running a Multi Academy Trust, the prospect of producing trust-wide communications is often a daunting task. It can be tempting therefore to delegate communications to each individual school.

In this article, we’ll explain why this isn’t necessarily a good idea.

It Isn’t Cost Effective

Much of the content produced by any given school will be almost identical to the required communications for most other schools of the same type. Consequently, your trust can make significant savings by having templated content produced on behalf of multiple schools, rather than having each school produce their content individually.

For example, at Eduprise we recently rebuilt the nursery pages for a number of school websites at a large trust. To do this, we produced a template containing all the important information for the page, and then liaised with staff at each school to fill in the gaps and make sure each page was personalised. We were therefore able to produce the content in far fewer hours than if each page had been written individually from scratch.

Taking this approach over the entire websites of multiple schools can then save your trust and its schools a huge amount of money and capacity.

Common Policy Saves Headaches

Even if you give some responsibility to your schools to produce their own content, it’s absolutely essential to have a common communications policy throughout the trust.

Every school will face PR issues, media enquiries, and crises that require a communications response. By letting each school decide how they deal with these themselves, your trust is bound to run into situations it could have otherwise have avoided.

By centralising communications, you can ensure that a consistent policy is followed when responding to crises, communicating with parents, or ensuring ofsted compliance on your school website.

Additional Pressure on School Staff

Producing content requires skill and experience, and can be stressful when representing a large organisation. Delegating communications to individual schools may feel as though you are giving them greater freedom. In fact, the responsibility is just as likely to be felt as an additional burden for school leaders and staff.

By taking the work of content production, scheduling, and website management away from school staff, you allow them to get on with their primary occupation, teaching.

At Eduprise, we provide communications for all the schools at large MATs. In this capacity, we take a load off the shoulders of school and trust leaders. If communications are causing your trust or school unwanted trouble, get in touch today.

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