Communicating for Schools During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Free White Paper

Get the free Eduprise white paper to find out how we helped more than 30 schools communicate with their communities during the pandemic.

In recent months, your school has faced a monumental challenge: communicating effectively with its community during an unprecedented global pandemic.

Effective communications can be hard to master. Though your school has risen to the challenge, if you started over again, you may well do things differently.

In this eBook, Communicating for Schools During the Coronavirus Pandemic, you’ll discover:

  • How your school can establish workflows to communicate clearly during a crisis.
  • How to use the channels available to you to communicate effectively with your audience.
  • How other schools and trusts dealt with the challenges your school faced.
  • That even communication professionals have had to adapt and change course during this challenging time.

To download your free copy of this eBook, click the button below.


Communicating for Schools During the Coronavirus Pandemic Download

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