ParentPower: Delivering School Funding While Saving Parents Money

With the help of ParentPower, schools can receive additional funding while parents save on their energy bills.

There are so many projects that your school wants to embark on, but the money just isn’t there and the ideas gets brushed to one side. If this sounds like a situation you are familiar with, you’re not alone. Finances are tight at all schools, and securing additional funding is extremely tough.

But, what if we told you that there’s a way for your school to receive additional funding while helping your pupils’ parents save money? You wouldn’t believe us, right? Well, you should, because it’s possible, thanks to ParentPower.

ParentPower is an impartial online platform that compares the prices of all UK energy suppliers, including the biggest names in the industry. When a parent switches energy provider through ParentPower, the new provider will make a financial contribution to the parent’s chosen school.

With this framework, everyone’s a winner:

  • Parents save money on their energy bills.
  • Energy suppliers gain a new customer.
  • Your school receives hassle-free additional funding.

It really is that simple!

Eduprise is incredibly proud to have worked closely with Zenergi, the creators of ParentPower, to make this fantastic scheme a reality.

School funding has long been an area of speciality for the Eduprise team, and we are delighted to have been involved in the ParentPower cause, which will make such a difference to schools, pupils, and parents across the country.

All that’s left for your school to do is spread the word. The more parents involved in your school who switch energy supplier, the more funding you will receive, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

As school marketing and communications specialists, we understand how to connect with parents. So, if you would like some assistance in making parents aware of this unbelievable opportunity, contact the Eduprise team today.

Published by
Ryan Green

Ethical entrepreneur, adventurer, and education enthusiast.

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