Make Sure Your School Is At Capacity Next Year

Don't wait until it's too late.

Competition for admissions at primary school level is extremely tough. If your school isn’t running effective campaigns to attract applications, you’ll lose out to your rivals and find yourself below capacity next September.

As a result, your school could miss out on thousands of pounds of funding, which would subsequently limit your ability to invest in important projects and make those much-needed improvements at your school.

The application deadline is on 15th January. That may seem like a lifetime away, but parents are making decisions on their child’s future and submitting their applications now.

To make sure your school is full and maximising income from per-pupil funding, you need to act now.

Marketing Has Changed, and You Must Adapt

If your school still believes placing adverts on buses and recording radio ads is the best way to attract applications, you are living in the past. Even worse, you’re being left behind.

The campaigns you’ve run previously will have had limited reach and unmeasurable results. Just think: do you know who saw last year’s adverts? Do you know how many people applied because of those adverts?

We’re betting the answer to both questions is “no”. But, we can help you change that.

At Eduprise, we know how to make your marketing budget go further by using more effective strategies. We recently helped one school that previously spent £250 on 1,000 admissions leaflets to spend their money more effectively by utilising modern online advertising. We used that same £250 this year to put the school’s advert in front of 7,000 people in their target audience. The result was hundreds of admissions enquiries.

Your marketing will only be effective when you use strategies targeted to reach your primary audience and the results can be measured to demonstrate the return on your investment.

Speak to our team today, and we’ll help you produce effective, modern admissions marketing.

Make an Impression with Your Resources

When was the last time that the content on your school’s website was updated? Or the text inside your prospectus? What about the contact information on your printed materials?

These are minor things that senior school staff don’t really think about; but they could be what’s stopping you from filling your school.

Parents don’t take the decision of their child’s first school lightly. They carry out extensive research of every school they are considering, which is why it is essential that your school’s resources are up to date and show your school in the best light.

Updating all of your school’s resources, both online and offline, is a large but important task. The Eduprise team has rejuvenated and modernised the materials of more than 30 schools, enhancing their design to better engage the audience and their content to attract admissions.

Filled with outdated content and information, your materials are doing more harm than good. With our help, you can transform them into an asset for your school that attracts the attention of parents and drives admissions.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late to target the applications you need to fill your school. Parents are submitting applications right now, and your school is already falling behind. Kick-start your admissions drive today by contacting the team at Eduprise.

Published by
Dan Grey

Writing content and communications for schools and multi-academy trusts.

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