Secondary Admissions: Don't Be Left with Empty Places

The new school year may have only just started, but there’s no time for settling back in and resting on your laurels.

Parents and year 6 children are already looking at secondary schools and deciding upon the next step of their education — is your school prepared?

If you aren’t, then there’s not long left to act: the deadline for secondary applications is 31st October.

When you fail to prepare adequately for new admissions, your school will struggle to meet capacity. And as the deadline looms, it’s often too late to fill those empty places.

Every other secondary school is competing to attract new students. Without an effective marketing campaign, you are losing new admissions to schools that aren’t even half as successful as yours. That may not be fair, but it’s the reality.

Traditional Methods Are Ineffective — Modernise Your Marketing

If your school has run a marketing campaign but is still failing to attract applicants, you must be wondering “why?”

The answer is that you are probably one of the many UK schools that is investing time, money, and effort into ineffective marketing strategies.

Television ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, adverts on the sides of buses — stop me if I’m getting close.

These are all outdated marketing methods that will leave you with empty spaces and empty pockets. It’s impossible to measure return on investment on campaigns using these methods, or even find out who the adverts are reaching.

To get the best results, you need to modernise your school’s marketing.

At Eduprise, we helped one school who spent £250 on 1,000 admissions leaflets use their marketing budget on more effective strategies. For the same cost, the school reached a targeted audience of 7,000 people and generated far more admissions enquiries.

We’ll use targeted advertising to showcase your school in front of the people who are most likely to apply.

Want to know more? Speak to our team about the benefits of modernising your school’s approach to marketing.

Show Your School in the Best Light

A targeted marketing campaign is the best way to bring attention to your school. But then what?

Without the right resources, your school could be scaring off almost certain applicants. These are the parents and children you cannot afford to lose.

Can you remember the last time you updated the content of your prospectus? Or when you last checked the information on your website was up to date?

If you can’t, both your prospectus and website will be outdated and not showing your school in the best light possible. There’s no bigger warning sign for potential applicants than a school that doesn’t update important information.

Eduprise can update and refresh all of your school resources, converting them from irrelevant legacy items into attractive marketing materials that sell your school and turn potential interest into applications.

Our team will redesign your school website, prospectuses, and brochures, giving them an appearance that matches your school’s brand identity. We’ll also update the content, writing persuasive and detailed copy that convinces readers that yours is the school for them.

This year, avoid the stress and anxiety of facing empty spaces as the application deadline looms by working with Eduprise. With a modern, targeted marketing campaign and an array of brand-new resources, you will see the applications stacking up. Don’t let the deadline get any closer — contact us today.

Published by
Ryan Green

Ethical entrepreneur, adventurer, and education enthusiast.

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