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How to Transform Homework using Online Learning Technology

How can online learning technology make homework lead to better outcomes? Find out more here.

Now that schools around the UK are back in the classroom, you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s time to leave online learning technology behind and embrace a return to traditional teaching methods.

However, there are many areas in which the online technology embraced by so many teachers, can be used to improve in-school teaching. A great example of this is homework.

Below are a number of examples of how online learning technology and practice can change homework for the better.

Assign and Monitor Work Remotely

Prior to Lockdown, some schools were already using online platforms such as ClassDojo, Show My Homework, or Google Classroom to set homework and to enable teachers to monitor completion and grading.

A primary advantage of online homework assignment is that teachers, parents, and students can access their learning anywhere they have access to an internet-connected device.

Remove Barriers between Students and Their Tasks

For many children, organising themselves to be ready to carry out their homework can be as difficult as the task itself. By assigning homework digitally, teachers can provide students with precisely the resources they need for each assignment and set up a space for the work to be completed.

Online platforms also give teachers the opportunity to share a wider range of resources, such as videos or online presentations, all in one place without requiring students to look up the resources themselves.

As Laura McInerney pointed out in her recent article, allowing students to review resources at ease in their own time helps many grasp concepts that they may not have had time to fully understand in class.

Increase Interactivity, Increase Engagement

As teachers know, gamification of learning exercises can be extremely useful for getting students engaged in class. Online learning technology gives teachers a greater ability to set homework that also uses interactivity and game elements to help children enjoy learning.

The introduction of gamification into education has a long history, and by now there is some very advanced software available that teachers are already taking advantage of. Examples of activities include self-marking quizzes, online scoreboards, and narrativisation of learning materials.

However, there is a lot of software out there, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between software that will have a positive impact and that which will merely add another burden for teachers, who are already under pressure. At Eduprise, we can help you discern which technology and software best suits the goals of your teaching staff.

Help Your School Compete

The experience of lockdown and remote learning has altered the expectations of parents when it comes to how their children’s schools use online learning technology.

Working with the teaching staff and school improvement teams, the Eduprise Learning Team builds online learning platforms for schools that don’t overburden staff. We also provide training and support in the use of online learning technology to enable schools and trusts to take advantage of what’s available with confidence.

Make sure your school doesn’t get left behind and get in contact with us today.

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Adam Barker-Wyatt

Producing content and communications on behalf of schools and multi-academy trusts.

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