How Outsourcing Communications Benefits Your School

If you're yet to outsource your school's communications, you're missing out on so many benefits.

School communications are a headache, right? You know communicating well is important, but it takes up time that you and your staff simply don’t have to spare.

Well we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way: a way that improves the quality of your communication, that doesn’t burden your staff, and that frees you up to continue delivering a high standard of education. That way is outsourcing.

In this article, we’ll explain the many benefits you’ll experience by outsourcing your school communications to an agency.

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Adding more work to the already-lengthy list of tasks your school staff are responsible for probably isn’t your preference. Unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen if you choose to handle school communications in-house. As a result, communicating becomes a hassle, and when a task becomes a hassle, it’s usually not done well.

By outsourcing your communications, the burden is lifted from you and your staff’s shoulders. This allows your team to get on with the task of teaching children and running a school, safe in the knowledge that your communications aren’t being neglected.

Quick Turnaround Times

If you rely on internal school staff to produce your communications, there will always be a hard limit on the capacity available at any given time. This can be problematic, especially when you need communications to be produced and delivered fast, such as in response to a crisis situation.

External agencies, on the other hand, focus solely on producing these comms, meaning they’re significantly more flexible in the management of their capacity. At Eduprise, for example, we can easily divert capacity to quickly address urgent or particularly large requests from clients.

We are also able to reduce turnaround times by using the extensive bank of templated material we have built up from years of working in school communications. For an in-house team, regardless of their industry or talent, this amount of resources would take a long time to compile.

Access to Further Expertise

Tasked with producing communications, could your school staff draw on the expertise of a web development team, professional video makers, or experienced graphic designers?

By outsourcing to an agency, you dramatically increase the potential of your school’s communications by diversifying what is possible to achieve.

For example, at Eduprise, as well as employing talented copywriters, digital marketers, and social media experts, we also work closely with professionals in web development, graphic design, video production, and many other disciplines. This means we are able to not only provide our clients with high-quality communications, but also assistance in an exceptionally wide range of fields.

An Invaluable External Perspective

If your school were to face a crisis, and you were being pressed by journalists for a statement, would you know what to say without risking making the situation worse?

Crisis management is an important part of school communications. Even with the best of intentions, it can be very easy for school staff to say the wrong thing or react the wrong way to the press in emotionally heightened and stressful situations. This can, unfortunately, have serious and damaging consequences.

An experienced external agency will be able to approach a school communications crisis calmly and objectively. Instead of responding to adversity with the question, ‘How can I defend my school?’, a good external agency will ask the question, ‘What kind of response is in the school’s best interest?’

Thanks to our external perspective and expertise is crisis management, we can provide you with a safe way out of even the most inflammatory of situations.

Outsource Your School Communications with Eduprise

Over the past few years, we’ve established a proven record of communicating on behalf of schools, allowing them to:

  • Free-up capacity in other important departments.
  • Reliably and quickly turn out communications campaigns, regardless of the size or urgency of the job.
  • Access a wider range of expertise, be it in web design, video making, SEO, or content marketing.
  • Respond to crises with advice from experienced and objective consultants.

If you think school communication is important and you want it to be done well, don’t hire an in-house team — contact Eduprise today.

Published by
Adam Barker-Wyatt

Producing content and communications on behalf of schools and multi-academy trusts.

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