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Here Are Three Great Tweets from Schools About Results Day

Results day is one of the biggest days on the school calendar. It is therefore very important for your school to communicate about it. We’ve found some great examples of schools using Twitter to make the most out of this special day.

Results day is an extremely important date in education. Every year in schools across the country there are success stories to recognise and achievements to celebrate. However, it can also be an occasion that causes much anxiety and disappointment for students and schools.

School communications about results day should make the most of the good news, and offer support for those who didn’t do so well. In this blog, we look at some great tweets that achieve these goals.

Falkirk High School

Posted on the day before results day, Falkirk High School’s tweet builds up excitement for the event and also helps calm nerves by letting students know there is help available if they don’t get the results they were looking for.

As a result of the heartfelt content, the post received a high quantity of likes, as well as a number of retweets. However, an equally important factor in the healthy amount of engagement is the school’s large and invested following. Twitter audiences are built gradually by regularly posting consistently high-quality content.

The best way to ensure a stream of excellent content is to design and follow a social media plan and prepare and schedule posts in advance. At Eduprise, we collate year-long social media plans for schools, allowing their staff to focus on what they do best. If you’d like us to provide your school with a fully customisable social media plan, contact us now.

St Mark’s Academy

This tweet, by St Mark’s Academy, sets itself apart from other results day tweets with an excellent photo. A well-taken photo more effectively conveys the joy of a successful results day than text-based posts, even if the message is the same.

Twitter users tend to be casual browsers, skipping past dense, text-heavy posts that don’t immediately grab their attention. Successful Twitter accounts need to do everything possible to arrest the attention of the passing scroller. Because of the intrinsic attraction humans have to pictures, an appealing photo or a well-designed graphic is preferable to text-only posts in almost every case.

The marketing team at Eduprise includes both expert content writers and digital marketers. They work together to produce tweets that are both effectively written and visually appealing. If you think we could help your school improve your social media content, get in touch now!

Greenwood Academy

Greenwood Academy in Birmingham used success stories from individual students to turn a single event into a series of positive tweets. Making your school’s social media channels a success can depend on maintaining a continued presence in your followers’ feeds. Therefore, strategies like this that help your school keep up a high frequency of interesting posts are incredibly valuable.

At Eduprise, we schedule social media content in advance so that the channels we manage are always kept up to date and regularly refreshed with new posts. If you’d like to know how we can do the same for your school’s social media feeds, contact us now.

Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy

Promoting stories on social media maximises the impact of your school’s good news. Using an effective social media strategy makes this possible and provides your school with another fantastic channel of communication with those both within and outside of your school community.

At Eduprise, we use analytics to measure the success of the social media content we produce for schools. This helps us create social media strategies that fulfil the potential of good news stories at the schools we work with.

If you’d like to know more about how we can get real results out of your school’s social media activity, contact us today.

Published by
Adam Barker-Wyatt

Producing content and communications on behalf of schools and multi-academy trusts.

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