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Here Are Some of the Best Tweets from Schools about Attendance

As every educator knows, attendance figures can make or break a school’s reputation. When choosing a school to send their children to, parents and carers see school attendance policies and figures as one of the few concrete indicators of a healthy school.

A recent study on the attitudes of parents and carers toward school attendance listed better communication as their number one recommendation to improve stakeholder attitudes. In this blog, we will show you how this can be done.

Glengormley High School

With attendance figures being so important to a school's reputation, many choose to offer awards and incentives for excellent school attendance. Done well, this is a great opportunity to shine a light on the achievements of your students and show examples of how you can change outcomes for your children. Done poorly, it can come off as desperate, suggesting the school is finding it so difficult to get pupils to attend that they've resorted to offering handouts.

A great example of how to link attendance awards with pupil achievement, this tweet by Glengormley High School celebrates the winners of their attendance awards, promotes the reward itself, and uses an eye-catching gallery to do so.

Gloucester Academy

In this tweet, Gloucester Academy showed that it understands how maintaining high attendance can be difficult for some parents to achieve for a variety of reasons. This framing is clever because it shifts responsibility for attendance away from the school while still showing that they are doing the most they can to tackle the issue.

While this tweet hasn’t generated a huge response in itself, social media audiences are built upon frequent and regular updates, focussing on issues of direct interest or relevance to parents. This approach has helped Gloucester Academy attract a very impressive 1,578 followers at the time of writing.

St Luke’s Academy

All things considered, attendance is not the most exciting of topics. It can be difficult to engage people with a topic defined by school discipline and statistics.

As well as being totally adorable, this tweet is an outstanding example of how to tie serious issues such as attendance to more fun content that is likely to generate more traction on social media.

Social media buzz does not come easy. Successful tweets such as this depend on the school having built an audience through well-planned, consistent, and engaging content.

The Eduprise team works with dozens of schools around the country. We help them communicate about the key issues every school is concerned with to maximise positive impact and diminish negative outcomes.

If you think the reputation of your school among parents and the community could be transformed with the help of our expert communications team, contact us today.

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Adam Barker-Wyatt

Producing content and communications on behalf of schools and multi-academy trusts.

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