Avoid a School Staffing Crisis in January

Prevent understaffing with quality recruitment marketing.

In just a few short weeks, it will be 31st October. For most people, that means celebrating Halloween by trying to scare others. But for your school, the real fright could happen in January.

31st October is the deadline for teaching staff to hand in their resignation. That means until the calendar turns to November, any of your staff could secure a job elsewhere and leave your school at Christmas.

Could your school cope with less staff in January?

Failing to prepare adequately for the departure of teachers and staff leads to disaster at negligent schools across the country every term.

Schools around you are already hiring the best candidates to replace outgoing teachers. If you don’t make a move soon, you’ll find yourself choosing from underqualified, unmotivated candidates that no other school wants.

This is the reality of failing to react and being understaffed:

  • Moving staff around to address shortfalls in teaching capacity.
  • Having to hire unprepared temporary workers to deliver important lessons.
  • Managing tired staff who are faced with ever-increasing workloads.
  • Handling unhappy parents who are concerned that their child’s education is being affected by a threadbare staff.

As October 31st gets ever closer, you have to act fast.

Modernise Your Methods for Tangible Results

Recruitment is changing, and if your school doesn’t adapt, you will be left behind.

Not sure if your school has already been overtaken by your rivals? Think back to your last recruitment campaign and ask yourself, ‘what did it look like?’

If your answer includes newspaper adverts, working with an agency, posters, or banners, then the chances are rival schools are light years ahead.

The results of these recruitment campaigns are impossible to measure. You wouldn’t buy a car without first knowing that it starts, so why invest in marketing without knowing if it delivers results?

Let the Eduprise team introduce you to recruitment campaigns with measurable success and proven return on investment. We use targeted marketing to put your job adverts and recruitment materials in front of the best candidates for the job, positioning you at the forefront of their minds.

Once the campaign has run its course, and you have an array of top-class applicants to choose from, we provide the data that demonstrates the campaign’s value and success.

If you’re interested in competing for the best teaching staff available, speak to our team today.

Make Your School an Employer of Choice

Imagine being the school that teachers desperately want to work at; the school that receives hundreds of applications for each vacancy; the school that is known in the area as the school of choice for staff and children alike.

Every year, when your staff leave for other schools, you can be forced to spend huge amounts of your budget on recruiting replacements. Some schools don’t have to, because their staff never leave, and when a vacancy becomes available, they are inundated with applications.

You can become that school, but only if you change your ways.

Maybe your school should already be the school of choice for children and staff. If the commitment of your staff is remarkable, you help pupils achieve amazing things every day, and teachers love working at your school, why aren’t you already that school?

It’s probably because no one knows just how special your school is.

Using multiple channels of communication and connecting with a wide and diverse audience, Eduprise will help to enhance your school’s reputation and position you as the employer of choice in your area.

When your school achieves this position, you won’t be faced with a panicked rush to replace departing staff or, worse, find your school is understaffed following the Christmas break. Instead, you’ll notice less staff leave your school, and that when vacancies do arise, your toughest task is choosing the right candidate, not persuading them to apply.

Schools are only as strong as their staff, so when you are facing an imminent departure and are forced to make a rushed appointment, it has a significant impact on your school. Make sure a late October resignation doesn’t cause your school, staff, and students to suffer — contact the Eduprise team today.

Published by
Dan Grey

Writing content and communications for schools and multi-academy trusts.

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