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5 Ways Online Learning Technology can Reduce Teacher Workload

Online learning technology isn't just a way of delivering the curriculum remotely. It can also transform teacher workload for the better. Find out more:

Teacher workload is notoriously high. Teacher shortages regularly make the national news, and unsustainable staff turnover is one of the most common causes for poor ofsted performances.

With the necessity of delivering online learning brought by the coronavirus lockdown, schools and their staff became accustomed to a host of digital technology.

Alongside this technology, comes the possibility of transformative time saving automotive infrastructure. In this article, we discuss five different ways automation can reduce teacher workload and lead to a happier staff.

Assessment and feedback

    Not everything needs “deep marking”. Spelling tests, language vocabulary tests, many maths questions, any kind of assessment with discreet answers, all of this marking can be very simply automated.

    By introducing digital assessment for these tasks, as is already being implemented as a part of remote education, teachers can save a considerable amount of marking time, allowing them to devote more time and effort towards providing in-depth feedback to their students.

    Collaborative work projects

      Collaborative work is an important part of modern education, and is especially important in preparing students for further education and the working world.

      Organising collaborative work in school can be difficult and time consuming, with a considerable amount of time often wasted arranging meetings for groups, physically reorganising the classroom, and having students collate work.

      As much professional work is collaborative, there is an ocean of technology designed to make collaborative work easier and more efficiently. This same technology, such as cloud-based software allowing people to work on the same piece simultaneously, can also be used in class!

      Back up class work and save resources

        Online technology gives students and teachers the opportunity to archive their going work with relative ease.

        By linking the way that students hand in homework with digital storage technology, students can easily refer back to past work they’ve completed without having to keep track of paper and filled up workbooks.

        This can have huge benefits when it comes to revision, allowing students to instantly review past work. It also helps teachers provide improved feedback, as they can look over a student’s work across the whole school year, all in one place.

        Digital storage also gives teachers the ability to build an easily accessible and usable library of their own teaching resources, helping cut preparation time at the start of each term.

        Central Storage of Resources

          As well as allowing individual teachers to better organise their work, online learning technology also gives schools the opportunity to build their own databases of learning resources.

          Teachers rightly pride themselves on their original lesson plans, and sharing resources is often not commonly practiced as a norm. Online learning technology through which schools can build their own set of resources can be useful for providing new teaching staff with valuable guidance, while bypassing difficult issues regarding the ownership of teaching resources.

          At Eduprise, we’ve helped schools and MATs catalogue the teaching resources they produce every day.

          A Great Way to Provide CPD Training

            Just as online learning technology is being used to deliver the curriculum to students, it can also just as easily be used to provide CPD training to school staff.

            One of the primary benefits of using digital technology to provide CPD training is that it can be carried out remotely, wherever the staff member chooses.

            Our learning team has been providing online CPD covering a broad range of aspects related to Online learning technology since the beginning of the second lockdown in January 2021. Contact us to find out how we can help your school today.

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